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Loving Me

As I wash my face, tears roll down.  I thought washing it would slow them.  Instead I was drowning in them.  My emotions, a ticking time bomb inside me.  My blood, a volcanic rush, heating me from the inside out.  My heart, once caged. Now open and free.  I ask myself. “How do I carry such a load and still believe in me, in love, god, life?  I question: “What makes me beautiful?  What makes me a good friend? What makes me a good partner? What makes me a good mother? The questions went on, and on!


Suddenly, It hit me!   I am, “ME.”  No matter how I measure these things in life! Without heartbreak, struggles, sin and death.  The birth of wisdom, striving, taking action, responsibility and loving unconditionally, I would be  null, void!

Fact is, there is no one like “ME.”  I carry something special.  A light within me which cannot be seen or defined!  I am unique!  I am ME!  I will be kind to me! I will not allow life to break me! I will stand up, fight, believe in me!

Life is what I make it.  No matter whose loving me, I will love me!

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