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Roti Jamaican Style

Growing up in Jamaica, Roti was not a common household name!  Nor do I remember eating it at all to be honest! Roti is a Caribbean/Indian Recipe.  Roti is a flat, round bread cooked on a griddle.  Some Roti recipes incorporate dal puri (chickpea/Lentil).  Roti is usually served on the side or wrapped with a meat of your choice (preferably curry dishes) or veggies.

This sweet, flat, moist bread can tantalize any taste bud!  I’m addicted to this tasty treat myself!  We try not to cook it much at home because of it’s addicting properties, flavors!  “Call me the Roti monster!”  Words of MekaDayz Hamil, Roti Specialist!

Here at 11Hauz we specialize in making our own Roti!  We would love to share this amazing recipe with you but  cant!  What we can say is, we will be catering in Park City, at Park Silly Sunday Market and L’Oakley Grown Community Market in Utah and this will be on our signature menu or you can google an awesome Roti Recipe!   If you’d like a taste, contact us 🙂

Check out pictures below for cooking Roti!

Roti Balls prepped
First Step: Prep Roti Balls
Second Step Flatten Roti with Rolling Pin!
Second Step:
Flatten Roti with Rolling Pin!
Grill flattened Roti to Perfection
Third Step: Grill flattened Roti to Perfection