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Jamaican Fish & Chicken Tacos

Dinner is served!

Tonight we decided to make fish and chicken tacos with a jamaican twist.

Key to spicing like a Jamaican, Jerk Season, dry or wet.

Whats on your plate?

Check out the pics below:



Season Chicken on the grill
Season Chicken on the grill
Seasoned Sole Fish on the  grill
Seasoned Sole Fish on the grill


Dont forget your tortillas
Dont forget your tortillas
Don't forget the Guacamole
Don’t forget the Guacamole
Sole Fish is ready
Sole Fish is ready
The chicken is ready to be served!
The chicken is ready to be served!





Jamaican Banana Fritters

Banana Fritters, a recipe passed down from generations!  My great grandmother Aida Oats, would use old, over ripe bananas to make this tasty Friday treat.    She never cooked a big meal on Fridays!  As children we had a name for Fridays, (Fried Food Fridays).  We looked forward to Friday every week!  Our favorite to eat, grandmas sweet, tasty, banana fritters which she would serve with hot coco tea.

Below are photos of the Banana Fritters Process

Ripe Banana
Ripe Banana
Banana Fritters Batter
Banana Fritters Batter
Banana Fritters Frying in Olive Oil
Banana Fritters Frying in Olive Oil
Fry Fritters until Golden Brown
Fry Fritters until Golden Brown
Fritters are Ready to Eat!  Dive In~Jamaican Style
Fritters are Ready to Eat! Dive In~Jamaican Style


This piece is dedicated to the beautiful, graceful, down to earth, funny, spunky, talented, passionate, adventurous, courageous lady in my life, my daughter!  Thank You for loving me unconditionally and teaching me so much even in times of chaos!   Thank You for being Awesome and Amazing!















photo 2-1


photo 1




Love always Mama

Overcoming Barriers


Looking back on earlier years in life.  I’ve made mistakes, overcome fears and grown to love myself unconditionally!  This is not an easy journey!  I’m still traveling and learning more about myself and others every day.  I now understand “Happiness is a journey not a destination,” Ben Sweetland.  Losing my virginity at 14 was chaotic but sweet. I was involved in a relationship with a handsome, charismatic, funny guy.  One day he was punched in the eye, defending my honor.  That day I went over to comfort and thank him.    Mid losing my virginity I asked him to stop but he held his ground and continued.  I could have screamed or pushed him off, but I felt I owed him for putting himself on the line, being battered. This scar followed me for 6 years in our relationship!  I never confronted him about it.  I acted as though it never bothered me.

At the age of 15, one year into our relationship, I took a pregnancy test.  It came out positive!  I was in shock! I sat in the bathroom of my moms 2 bedroom Brooklyn apartment and cried.  Holding this priceless information I called him.  He reacted with disgust and hatred towards the growing fetus in my stomach.  He threatened to physically attack me so I could lose the baby and accused me of sleeping around. Though it bothered me I never allowed my self to enter hell’s pit with him by pointing the finger or adding negativity to fuel the fire.  Instead I looked at it from his perspective.  Yes, we’re teens, emotional, unstable, still in school, no financial stability.  We we’re basically unfit to raise a child but born she would be, no matter the circumstances. I made my decision without anyones consent!

My Cutie

One day while in class I dashed to the bathroom.  Have you ever had to take a number 2 and  vomit at the same time?  I suffered these symptoms all through my pregnancy including black outs.  Once teachers and my guidance counselor found out I was pregnant.  They offered a school program for pregnant teens.  They said I would be a distraction and needed to be placed somewhere else.  I stood my ground with my mother by my side and fought to stay in my current high school. For 5 months I walked to school and back by myself.   My boyfriend and friends decided to stop talking to me because I choose to keep the baby.  A friend at the time would watch me and one day offered to walk with me.  I didn’t refuse.  It was good to have someone who cared because almost everyone turned against me.  People normally don’t like what they don’t/cant understand.  While he walked me to school my boyfriend at the time was courting other girls.  My friend asked: “Why don’t you get upset at his behavior?”  I responded, if thats what he wants, why should I stand in his way?  He looked at me and smiled.  I’ve never been one to tell someone what to do.  I believe in  allowing people to seek and find.

On March 3, 6:20am I held my baby in arms for the first time!  There is no greater feeling than carrying a child in your womb for 9 months, pushing her out through pain, to receive unconditional love revealed in the end.  My mother accompanied me in the birth room. Her dad did not attend due to a citizenship appointment he was scheduled for.  Do I hold this against him? No.  His citizenship was a priority at the time in his eyes.

Baby In arms

I’m a proud single mom of a 15 year old beauty!  There were times I thought of giving up but I never did! The world may judge me and the choices I’ve made but I’m in love with the woman I am today and no judgement or human can take that away!  I hold my head high and heart clean.  As for my ex, I couldn’t tell you.  My daughter never hears a negative peep from me about her dad.  I leave that up to her.

My baby and I

To all the single moms, dads, parents keep this in mind: “When you become a parent. You become a role model! “Be who you would want your children to be,” unknown.  Allow them to be who they are! What they have to say is important also.  Listen more, talk less and dive into life’s adventure with them! Children are the best teachers of love.

Thanks for reading

Dive In

Dedication To Joy


Watching leaves fall, fish swim, picking green peppers, onions and tomatoes from the family garden.  Listening to the trees whistle in the wind, seeing your face in every moment.  I imagine you throwing for your dogs, planning  adventures, traveling with your son, feeding his brain and yours, dinners, BBQ‘s with margarita’s and friends!  You feared nothing, you lived! You were a giant!  There was nothing you didn’t conquer.  Your humility amazed me!  You never bragged about your ventures, riches or status!  You were a woman of honor!  One I had the honor of being in the presence of!

I remember being upset at the times you’d come over unannounced and challenge the shows we watched, how we spent our time or day.  I remember you inviting me on many adventures which I turned down because I didn’t want to be bothered or told what to do!  How selfish of me!  I remember breaking up with an X and you stood firmly and said, “Let this be your last! Your knight will come to you.”  You then smiled and helped to clean after Thanksgiving dinner.  I stood on the shoulder of a giant! You’re shoulders but at the time I was not ready to open my eyes to the wonders ahead.

Joy I am sorry! I’m happy we spent the time we did together!  I know I can not make up for the past but  I promise you one thing.  Your son, my little brother will want for nothing.  I will shower him with love, laughter, adventures, memories of you!  You will remain a memory implanted in his heart forever!  A giant, a mother never forgotten, a mother, friend and family member forever loved!


We are all promised death

but most never live

When fear takes hold, most give in

You lived

You soared with the birds

You swam with the animals of the sea

You explored the world, from Africa to the Galapagos

There was no territory you feared or didn’t master

You loved your son more than rubies, diamonds or pearls

He was your richness, nothing compared in the world

You loved my mom

You were her best friend

She can’t stop crying, questioning

“Why was her life cut short, gone with the wind?”

I remind her everyday that you lived and what you’d always say:

It takes a village to raise a child!”

She remains strong, holding onto your wish

Until we meet again

watch over us all

Soon we will walk, talk, smile, laugh and drink margaritas in the sky

Love You Joy 

Frustrated Sister

I’m tired, frustrated and annoyed with partners, friends, family, colleagues, etc!  They cant seem to grasp the warm-hearted, demonstrative relationship my sister and I carry for one another!  No need to state names.  Let me explain by breaking our relationship down in 5 areas:


  1. The Pack: When my mother’s papers were approved to travel/reside in the United States.  She made a life changing decision. She left us behind!  Her intentions, pure!  While gone, sis and I engaged in extreme discipline, physical, mental and verbal abuse from others.  We survived ! We made a pack to never abandon one another.

  2. Twin Bed, 2 Sisters:  We slept in the same bed together for 16 years. Not as easy as it reads.  We adjusted to each others negatives and positives (snoring, tossing, turning, drooling, late sleeper, early sleeper, heavy sleeper, light sleeper, etc) doing this humbled us to accept not change.

  3.    Twin Clothing, Different Colors:  When mom went shopping.  She bought the same items, in different colors.  If she bought my sister a gift, she’d be sure to have something in hand for me also.  The only time gifts were given to one sibling, on Birthdays.  She knew how to keep the peace. Smart woman!

  4. Love Is God: A great commandment, “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” This reads differently.   To me it states: approach people, situations, life with love!  The return brings positive experiences, relationships, etc.  That’s our motto!  We slip up once in a while but we push forward and keep loving.

  5. Acceptance: My sister excepts my bratty, controlling, intro-extrovert borderline personality, perfectionist, potty mouth characteristic.  I except her flirty, creative, heroic, hot tempered, party animal, characteristics.  The list is exceedingly long!  No matter the negative/positive we accept each other.  If you truly love someone, you will allow them to be who they are!  Not what you’d like them to be!

To be blunt, stop the jealousy!  Stop trying to win us over! Stop whispering in our ears, behind our backs “Your sister is lazy.  She hogs all the attention.  You’re the pretty one! You’re the sexy one!  Your awesome when she’s not around, etc!”  Partners, friends, colleagues! We are not a prize to be conquered!  

Moreover, we are willing to let everyone in! Together or separate!   My sister is who she is and I am who I am!   Years of humility, self love and selflessness taught us to love and embrace, life, people and each other! We’d love to share that with everyone.  So before you say something negative to me about my sister!  Take a look in the mirror and judge yourself! 

Loving Me

As I wash my face, tears roll down.  I thought washing it would slow them.  Instead I was drowning in them.  My emotions, a ticking time bomb inside me.  My blood, a volcanic rush, heating me from the inside out.  My heart, once caged. Now open and free.  I ask myself. “How do I carry such a load and still believe in me, in love, god, life?  I question: “What makes me beautiful?  What makes me a good friend? What makes me a good partner? What makes me a good mother? The questions went on, and on!


Suddenly, It hit me!   I am, “ME.”  No matter how I measure these things in life! Without heartbreak, struggles, sin and death.  The birth of wisdom, striving, taking action, responsibility and loving unconditionally, I would be  null, void!

Fact is, there is no one like “ME.”  I carry something special.  A light within me which cannot be seen or defined!  I am unique!  I am ME!  I will be kind to me! I will not allow life to break me! I will stand up, fight, believe in me!

Life is what I make it.  No matter whose loving me, I will love me!

Thanks for Reading

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