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Dedication To Joy


Watching leaves fall, fish swim, picking green peppers, onions and tomatoes from the family garden.  Listening to the trees whistle in the wind, seeing your face in every moment.  I imagine you throwing for your dogs, planning  adventures, traveling with your son, feeding his brain and yours, dinners, BBQ‘s with margarita’s and friends!  You feared nothing, you lived! You were a giant!  There was nothing you didn’t conquer.  Your humility amazed me!  You never bragged about your ventures, riches or status!  You were a woman of honor!  One I had the honor of being in the presence of!

I remember being upset at the times you’d come over unannounced and challenge the shows we watched, how we spent our time or day.  I remember you inviting me on many adventures which I turned down because I didn’t want to be bothered or told what to do!  How selfish of me!  I remember breaking up with an X and you stood firmly and said, “Let this be your last! Your knight will come to you.”  You then smiled and helped to clean after Thanksgiving dinner.  I stood on the shoulder of a giant! You’re shoulders but at the time I was not ready to open my eyes to the wonders ahead.

Joy I am sorry! I’m happy we spent the time we did together!  I know I can not make up for the past but  I promise you one thing.  Your son, my little brother will want for nothing.  I will shower him with love, laughter, adventures, memories of you!  You will remain a memory implanted in his heart forever!  A giant, a mother never forgotten, a mother, friend and family member forever loved!


We are all promised death

but most never live

When fear takes hold, most give in

You lived

You soared with the birds

You swam with the animals of the sea

You explored the world, from Africa to the Galapagos

There was no territory you feared or didn’t master

You loved your son more than rubies, diamonds or pearls

He was your richness, nothing compared in the world

You loved my mom

You were her best friend

She can’t stop crying, questioning

“Why was her life cut short, gone with the wind?”

I remind her everyday that you lived and what you’d always say:

It takes a village to raise a child!”

She remains strong, holding onto your wish

Until we meet again

watch over us all

Soon we will walk, talk, smile, laugh and drink margaritas in the sky

Love You Joy