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Frustrated Sister

I’m tired, frustrated and annoyed with partners, friends, family, colleagues, etc!  They cant seem to grasp the warm-hearted, demonstrative relationship my sister and I carry for one another!  No need to state names.  Let me explain by breaking our relationship down in 5 areas:


  1. The Pack: When my mother’s papers were approved to travel/reside in the United States.  She made a life changing decision. She left us behind!  Her intentions, pure!  While gone, sis and I engaged in extreme discipline, physical, mental and verbal abuse from others.  We survived ! We made a pack to never abandon one another.

  2. Twin Bed, 2 Sisters:  We slept in the same bed together for 16 years. Not as easy as it reads.  We adjusted to each others negatives and positives (snoring, tossing, turning, drooling, late sleeper, early sleeper, heavy sleeper, light sleeper, etc) doing this humbled us to accept not change.

  3.    Twin Clothing, Different Colors:  When mom went shopping.  She bought the same items, in different colors.  If she bought my sister a gift, she’d be sure to have something in hand for me also.  The only time gifts were given to one sibling, on Birthdays.  She knew how to keep the peace. Smart woman!

  4. Love Is God: A great commandment, “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” This reads differently.   To me it states: approach people, situations, life with love!  The return brings positive experiences, relationships, etc.  That’s our motto!  We slip up once in a while but we push forward and keep loving.

  5. Acceptance: My sister excepts my bratty, controlling, intro-extrovert borderline personality, perfectionist, potty mouth characteristic.  I except her flirty, creative, heroic, hot tempered, party animal, characteristics.  The list is exceedingly long!  No matter the negative/positive we accept each other.  If you truly love someone, you will allow them to be who they are!  Not what you’d like them to be!

To be blunt, stop the jealousy!  Stop trying to win us over! Stop whispering in our ears, behind our backs “Your sister is lazy.  She hogs all the attention.  You’re the pretty one! You’re the sexy one!  Your awesome when she’s not around, etc!”  Partners, friends, colleagues! We are not a prize to be conquered!  

Moreover, we are willing to let everyone in! Together or separate!   My sister is who she is and I am who I am!   Years of humility, self love and selflessness taught us to love and embrace, life, people and each other! We’d love to share that with everyone.  So before you say something negative to me about my sister!  Take a look in the mirror and judge yourself!