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Barbecued Chinese Chicken

I love food!  Do you?  So many different flavors to lift our taste buds through the roof!   I recently received some homemade apricot pineapple chutney from a child I love, bless her heart!  She’s 7 and has the kindest heart when it comes to me!  My sis decided to dive into “Ultimate Chinese Recipes” book and make some delicious Barbecued Chinese Chicken!  Check out the ingredients/steps below and enjoy!

Ingredients~Serves 4

12 chicken drumsticks (we substituted legs for 12 chicken thighs)

6 oz spiced butter

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp grated ginger root

2 tsp ground turmeric

4 tsp cayenne pepper

2 tbsp lime juice

3 tbsp mango Chutney (we used apricot pineapple chutney)

  • First you make the spiced butter mixture, beat the butter with the garlic, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, lime juice and chutney until well blended.
Apricot Pineapple Chutney
Apricot Pineapple Chutney
Final Barbecue Mix with Apricot Pineapple Chutney
Final Barbecue Mix with Apricot Pineapple Chutney
  • Use sharp knife, slash each chicken leg to the bone 3-4 times
We used 12 Chicken Thighs (Not legs)
We used 12 Chicken Thighs (Not legs)
We added 1 tbsp of Chutney Butter mixture before grilling the chicken this is optional
We added 1 tbsp of Chutney Butter mixture before grilling the chicken this is optional
  • Cook the chicken over a moderate barbecue grill for about 12-15 minutes or until almost cooked.
  • Alternatively, grill (boil) the chicken for about 1–12 minutes until almost cooked turning halfway through.
  • Spread the chicken legs with butter mixture and continue to cook for a further 5-6 minutes, turning and basting frequently with the butter until golden and crisp.
  • Serve the chicken with green salad and rice.
Barbecued Chicken Legs  (Yummy)
Barbecued Chicken Legs

Let us know how your Barbecued Chinese Chicken leg turned out!  This is one of our favorite recipes! For more amazing tasting recipes check out the book: “Ultimate Recipes Chinese.”


Szechuan White Fish

Yes, we are Jamaican  but today, we decided to spice up your pallet with something different!  In Jamaica, Chinese Food and culture is popular!  There are a lot of Chinese Jamaicans! Check out the recipie below!  Let us know what you think!

Szechuan White Fish-Serves 4-Ingredients

12 oz white fish fillets

1 small egg beaten

3 tbsp plain (all purpose flour)

4 tbsp dry white wine

3 tbsp light soy sauce

vegetable oil, for frying

1 garlic clove, cut into slivers

1/2 inch piece fresh root ginger, finely chopped

1 onion, finely chopped

1 celery stick, chopped

1 fresh red chilli chopped

3 spring onions (scallions) chopped

1 tsp rice wine vinegar

1/2 tsp ground Szechuan pepper

6 fl oz/3/4 cup fish stock

1 tsp caster (superfine) sugar

1 tsp cornflour (constarch)

2 tsp water

  • First you cut the fish into 4-cm cubes.  Beat the egg, flour, wine and 1 tbsp of soy sauce to make batter.  Dip the cubes of fish into to the batter to coat well.  Check out the pictures below!
White Fish cut into cubes
White Fish cut into cubes

Egg, Flour, Wine and Soy Sauce Batter.

  • Heat the oil in the wok, reduce heat slightly and cook the fish, in batches, for 2-3 minutes, unitl golden brown.  Remove with a slotted spoon.  Drain on Kitchen paper  (paper towels), set aside and keep warm.

Fry White Fish In batches
Fry White Fish In batches
Remove when golden brown
Remove when golden brown

  • After fish is fried and removed.  Pour all but 1 tbsp from the wok and return to heat.  Add garlic, ginger, onion, celery, chilli and spring onions (scallions) and stir fry for 1-2 min.  Stir in remaining soy sauce and vinegar.
Stir fry seasonings together for 1-2 minutes
Stir fry seasonings together for 1-2 minutes
  • Add Szechuan pepper and fish stock and caster (super fine) sugar to the wok, mix corn flour (cornstarch) with the water to form a smooth paste and stir into stock.  Bring to a boil and cook, stirring for 1 minute until sauce thickens and clears.
  • Return the fish cubes to the wok and cook for 1-2 minutes.  SERVE IMMEDIATELY!

This is one of my favorite chinese dishes!  Its easy and tasty!  For more amazing chinese dishes check out this book:  ULTIMATE RECIPES CHINESE!    Let us know what you think about this recipe!  Dive In!


The Writing Road

I’ve been blogging for about a month now, I believe.  I enjoy it much, but as I sit in bed.  My mind wanders off in childhood memories.  When I loved to write without fear.  It dawns on me in this moment, I love how elegantly words flow from the heart to tongue, pencil to pad!  I was never much of a technology junky nor was I a savy girl but I’ve grown to apply myself and learn the up-comings, in’s and outs of technology, best I can! Truth is, I want to go back!  Back to when writing consisted of looking outside your window, starring at the leaves on the trees as they turn from green to red, to yellow to brown to cold, frozen, fragile stems on a winter night!  Holding a number 2 pencil or blue ink pen in hand with whatever type of paper I could find! A brown paper bag, old notebook,  a wall or even the middle of my hand!  So, tonight I bring you, writings from the past meeting the present!  The paper I wrote this on, I kid you not, is about 15 years old!  How precious, amazing, heartfelt it is to me!  Even then I was a positive light shinning through darkness to find my way home!  Enjoy~


Be Strong,

Be Wise

Be Humble

Be True

Be Optimistic

Be Real

Be Fearless

Be Honest

Be Open

Live Long

Live Strong

Live On

Be You

Be all you can Be

That’s life

That’s Love

That’s You

Thats Me

I would love feed back!  What were you writing 15 years ago?  Any saved articles, poems, songs, blogs to share?  I would love to read!

#DiveIn & Keep Smiling

Liquid Angel (Red Wine)

A night with JLohr
A night with JLohr

Walking to my car 4:00am mountain time.  The morning dark, streets empty, still, bitter cold and windy.  I constantly look over my shoulder flustered, hung over!  Thoughts of being kidnapped, raped, beaten, roams my mind.  My car is 500 feet away.  In the car, I reminisce.

We’re both on vigorous marketing, blogging, single parent hours but tonight we found time to relax and catch up.  I love this guy!  But, dating is not an option.   Instead we laugh, drink, reminisce and tell all.  The night great, filled with awesome! 2 friends chit chatting about projects, life.  We’re drinking beer, wine, eating chicken fettucini alfredo, while going through pictures of his beautiful Alaska getaway.  My appetite now intrigued for a taste of Alaska.  It’s beautiful! The glaciers, city and bar sights.

After climaxing in conversation and laughs.  We hit our tired peak!  I wondered: “Did I actually drink 1/2 a bottle of JLohr red wine?” Normally I’m a slow paced granny drinker, but whenever he’s around.  I pound it like a marathon runner! Stride after stride, sip after sip until the finish line, an empty bottle.

As we lay in the bed, I feel the itch to cuddle.  I fight the urge, bite my tongue. Unfortunately “liquid angel,” red wine says: “I want to cuddle.” He replies, ” This side feels good right now, but in the middle of the night, I may roll over.  You can cuddle me if you’d like.”  I state, “A man is suppose to initiate the cuddle.  I dont want to seem over agressive.  This is why I shouldnt drink.”  He replies “What?”  I said, “I shouldnt drink!  It’s easier to detach emotions.”  In that moment I fell into a cement sleep state. My body sunk into the bed like a ton of bricks!  At about 3:45am my alram goes off! My head spinning, I gather my things, head for the door.

It was short, sweet, awesome, fun! I appreciate every, smile, laugh, touch and drink.  The moments we share, invigorating, filled with passion.  That’s what friends are for.

Stay Tuned~Dive In

Construct Your Reality Quote

I’ve been given bricks!  These bricks represent my talents, passions, true life journey! Building brick by brick takes discipline, courage to fail but I learn from these failures, push forward and keep building!

Keep this quote in mind:
“A solid foundation is key!  Passion, dedication no hesitation!  Brick by brick, never stop building!  Construct your reality!”

Originality Quote

Make the day count, be you! Originality makes you who you are!

Quote Monday:

“You’re beautiful, like a snowflake! No two are alike! Being you, unique and different! Leads you to fall into your destiny, like snowflakes do! Dive In.”


Halloween Hijacked

QueenMy intentions for Halloween, stay home and work! My daughter is fifteen.  Friends and candy, her mission.  Not trick or treat with mom!

Every year in Park City, Utah, a festive parade is thrown on Main Street.  The “Howl-O-Ween Dog” Parade!  The costumes extravagant, over the top, creative & animals participate every year!  “This year’s parade, hosted by Friends of Animals Utah, a nonprofit organization committed to improving homeless animals’ lives by placing them into loving and permanent homes.” Scott Iwasaki, Park Record

The need to get out transpired and I responded!  I recycled my queen costume from last year!  It was never my intention to participate, so that was my only option!   Recycle it was!

I’m circling China Bridge parking facility, for what seemed like an hour to find  parking.  My decision, head back home!  While driving a light bulb goes off!  I’m all dressed up, with nowhere to go!  An adventure had to take place!  I drove down to “Mormons Flat!” Hiked a short distance in my cow-girl boots and flashy queen costume!  It felt invigorating and magnificent!  While everyone was on Main Street taking in the festivities.  Here I  am fully clothed, in costume, hiking a trail!  It was meant to be.  Thoughts about life, love, business, family filled my head as I walked.

The best part was the beautiful mountain scenery!  Smelling the fresh, fall air, watching the clouds hover,  ducks swimming in the pond, the sun setting!  Nothing beats this!  Calming, elegant,  pleasure called nature!  Though I missed what must have been an amazing parade!  The trails of Utah, never fail.   It captures my heart every time!

Dive In~Check out the video below!

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