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Jamaican Banana Fritters

Banana Fritters, a recipe passed down from generations!  My great grandmother Aida Oats, would use old, over ripe bananas to make this tasty Friday treat.    She never cooked a big meal on Fridays!  As children we had a name for Fridays, (Fried Food Fridays).  We looked forward to Friday every week!  Our favorite to eat, grandmas sweet, tasty, banana fritters which she would serve with hot coco tea.

Below are photos of the Banana Fritters Process

Ripe Banana
Ripe Banana
Banana Fritters Batter
Banana Fritters Batter
Banana Fritters Frying in Olive Oil
Banana Fritters Frying in Olive Oil
Fry Fritters until Golden Brown
Fry Fritters until Golden Brown
Fritters are Ready to Eat!  Dive In~Jamaican Style
Fritters are Ready to Eat! Dive In~Jamaican Style

Happy Time

Want to know more about the talented Jamaican choreographer & fitness trainer MekaDayz?  Stay Tuned! More info, video’s to come!

MekaDayz~Dancehall Choreographer Photographer: DubbMedia
MekaDayz~Dancehall Choreographer
Photographer: DubbMedia

To start MekaDayz born Nyesha Hamil was raised in Montego Bay, Mount Salem Jamaica!  She’s the 1st of her siblings!  Her passion for dancing and fitness led her to perform and build  Reggae and Dancehall choreography for 11hauz!

Check out the video below!

Choreographer: MekaDayz

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Assiant Choreographers:

Allie Sherman

Lauren Schmitt

Tanisha Hamil

Roger Palmer

AMF Rehearsal

Performing, music is my life! Big ups to my girls who made the “Red Light” performance stunning and sexy as can be, Mekadayz and Allie Sherman!

I’m passionate about a few things in life! Music is one of those things! A LOVE which will never die It only becomes greater with each day breath. Whether in heaven, purgatory or hell music will always be with me! Mic in hand, spitting lyrics!


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Introducing 11hauz


3 years, my sister, mom, dad, cousin and I’ve been building this production company, 11hauz!    Reading books, entrepreneur blogs, magazines, advice from friends, business owners, meetings, networking and the list goes on.  God knows its not easy!

I’m a writer, entertainer, teen mom and college drop out. Spreading myself thin is my middle, first and last name. I find it exceedingly hard to maintain a 9-5. After a days work. I am exhausted and creativity is null. Did I mention I’m single? My sister on the other hand is a full-time mom, housewife, choreographer and a certified fitness instructor. She teaches a “sexy Dancehall class.” Location: PCNC and Silver Mountain in Park City, Utah! She’s got the moves and a sexy bod to go with it! Check out her class if you’re living or visiting, Park City!

Our mission is to grow our company from good to great, live with passion, integrity, and care for our families. All while sorting out the dirty laundry, creating recipes & spicing up the globe with our Jamaican culture and talents.  That’s all to tell for now.  Stay tuned and dive in!

Chai, Quiche, Balls, Business & Friends

QuicheTuesdayIt all started when a friend messaged,  “Linkedin?” This conversation lead to ladies breakfast meeting and laughs on Tuesday, 9:45am at “The Roaster.”  Tuesday morning rolls around and already we are late for the meeting, frustrating!  We finally get to “Park City Roasters” on Main Street in Park City, Utah.  While waiting we received a text.  She’s running late also. We waited, waited & waited.  Finally, my sister received another text which read.  “I’m here!”  She replied, “I’m here too.”  Our friend replied, “But I don’t see you.”  We came to terms, we were at the wrong location.  We jumped in the car and dashed towards kimball junction.  Upon entering, we laughed, giggled and joked about the location meet up miscommunication.   While ordering our almond chai teas, we couldn’t help but notice the delicious, mouth watering, open-face pastry treats incased in glass.  Though it looked yummy! I couldn’t pronounce the name! “Quiche,” in Jamaica?  Never heard of it!  After being corrected and educated.  We ordered 2 Spinach and bacon Quiche.  Our friend orders balls, not knowing the proper terminology at the time. As we laughed loudly in the packed coffee shop, jokes referring to balls we were about to eat.  An older gentleman, intrigued by our ballsy referrals, jumps in!   Adding his balls theory to the mix!  A big ball of fun and a good laughs among strangers in deed! Once settled, we sipped from our “Chai Tea.” The aroma and taste of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, along with other spices and almond milk, lifted our taste buds.   It was a magnificent flavorful blend.   As we cut into our Fluffy Bacon and Spinach Quiche. Our mouths watered! Savoring the creamy, salty, cheesy taste!  We were so intrigued by the flavor .  We order 5 Quiches total through out the meeting between the 2 of us.  My sis and I!  Yes, we love food!  Greedy goes well with our character.

As time went on, we chit chatted about Business, marketing, activities, books & family! My favorite part of  the conversation, “Men are like waffles,” focusing on one thing at a time theory while “women are like spaghetti,” intertwined in the chaotic chores of life, business, and at times we become distracted by shiny things.  Throwing ourselves off focus but eventually we return and get it done.

This was exactly what I needed!  Time out the house, away from the kids, business, normalcy! I was engaged in good ole fashion girl time!  Life is boring and normal when I dont spice it up.  I become depressed, needy and off my rocker!  I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, vibrant, alive!  I also learned about my 3 new loves!

1. Anything referring to balls!

2. Quiche

3. Chai Tea

A girl couldn’t ask for more~Dive in~