Sweet Yellow Plantains Fried

Sweet Yellow Plantains
Sweet Yellow Plantains

As a child, I looked forward to Sunday breakfast or dinner each week.  My reason, Fried Sweet Plantains! We were served 1 or 2 slices for breakfast or dinner! Although 1 or 2 never satisfied our starving palettes!  Receiving 1 was prized beyond many other Belly Full servings.

In our family, plantains are cut in an oval shape:

Plantains Sliced
Plantains Sliced

Plantains, bananas mother.  Is sweet, delicious, tasty, down right mouth watering!  The texture can be soft or compressed.  Slices, thin or thick.  Fried until golden brown or dark! No matter your poison, plantain never fails to satisfy in flavor or texture!

Plantains Fried
Plantains Fried

Have you tried fried Plantain? If not, take the opportunity to check for it in your local market!  Happy Plantain frying!

~Jamaica Nice~1Love~DiveIn~

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