Introducing 11hauz


3 years, my sister, mom, dad, cousin and I’ve been building this production company, 11hauz!    Reading books, entrepreneur blogs, magazines, advice from friends, business owners, meetings, networking and the list goes on.  God knows its not easy!

I’m a writer, entertainer, teen mom and college drop out. Spreading myself thin is my middle, first and last name. I find it exceedingly hard to maintain a 9-5. After a days work. I am exhausted and creativity is null. Did I mention I’m single? My sister on the other hand is a full-time mom, housewife, choreographer and a certified fitness instructor. She teaches a “sexy Dancehall class.” Location: PCNC and Silver Mountain in Park City, Utah! She’s got the moves and a sexy bod to go with it! Check out her class if you’re living or visiting, Park City!

Our mission is to grow our company from good to great, live with passion, integrity, and care for our families. All while sorting out the dirty laundry, creating recipes & spicing up the globe with our Jamaican culture and talents.  That’s all to tell for now.  Stay tuned and dive in!

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