BellyFull Jamaican Ackee, Salt-Fish, Fried Dumplings

Food is my evil!   My aunt cooked an authentic Jamaican breakfast today.  I was in heaven! Jamaican food is enriched with spices, flavors, textures which highlight your pallet, in breathtaking ways!  I find it hard being a Jamaican Girl, because all I want, is to eat every dish, meal in site!  Glutinous does not begin to explain my addiction, adventure when it comes to Jamaican food!

If there is one dish, I could eat forever!  I would nominate, Ackee and Salt-Fish with Fried Dumplings!

  • Ackee: A fragrant, 5 petal, pear shaped fruit.  Yellow, orange in color. When ripe, it splits open, revealing 3 large shinny black seeds surrounded by a soft, creamy, light yellow flesh.
  • Salt-Fish: Fish preserved or cured with salt.
  • Fried Dumplings: Cooked balls of dough.  In this dish they are fried.

This dish is Traditional and known as Jamaica’s national dish.  The salty, creamy, spice filled flavors combined with balls of dough, entices and satisfies my pallet every time, I take a bite!  Be sure to order this when in Jamaica!  A mouthful you will never regret! 

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