Stop Bullying

“I am who I am! You are who you are! We are who we are!”


Walking through a high school hallway I see so many different faces, clothes, bodies.  I also feel multiple vibes; negative, and positive, insecurities, and confidence, also, happiness and sadness.  It is worse than walking up and down Soho in New York City.  It is extremely overwhelming, and sometimes it can be intimidating and scary.  High school is that place where you find out who you are deep inside and what that “inner you” will become in the future.  The human mind stereotypes and judges every little thing that does not coincide with what they think is normal.  Instead of high school it should be called, judge school, or gossip school.  Unfortunately, that is, what it is all about, of course with the exception of you learning everything to get into college.  What’s the big question; why are teenager so MEAN?  Is it insecurities and changes in ourselves that make us go mad?  Or is it just fun to put people down?  I have been trying to figure this out since eighth grade.  I have witnessed people being bullied and tormented and I get a greater sense of fear and insecurity from the bully than the victim.  I have put so many bullies in their place and scorned their strategies.  Most of them stop, and some just do it more.  I want to keep this short and easy I don’t want to be one of those people who go on and on about why bullying is bad.  To each is own and no one should be judged for that!

All I have to say is don’t do it, don’t be that of few people that judges someone and their inner and outer person.  It is wrong and you pick up on why with your own experiences.  Some experiences good and others bad, you might just learn because you become a bully or a unfortunately, a victim.  Everything happens for a reason, and that happening with the reason is a lesson learned for everyone.

“I don’t do that here no do I tolerate it!  Whether friend or foe! Don’t bully, and stop bullying!”

Writer: Yanique Bland

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