The Writing Road

I’ve been blogging for about a month now, I believe.  I enjoy it much, but as I sit in bed.  My mind wanders off in childhood memories.  When I loved to write without fear.  It dawns on me in this moment, I love how elegantly words flow from the heart to tongue, pencil to pad!  I was never much of a technology junky nor was I a savy girl but I’ve grown to apply myself and learn the up-comings, in’s and outs of technology, best I can! Truth is, I want to go back!  Back to when writing consisted of looking outside your window, starring at the leaves on the trees as they turn from green to red, to yellow to brown to cold, frozen, fragile stems on a winter night!  Holding a number 2 pencil or blue ink pen in hand with whatever type of paper I could find! A brown paper bag, old notebook,  a wall or even the middle of my hand!  So, tonight I bring you, writings from the past meeting the present!  The paper I wrote this on, I kid you not, is about 15 years old!  How precious, amazing, heartfelt it is to me!  Even then I was a positive light shinning through darkness to find my way home!  Enjoy~


Be Strong,

Be Wise

Be Humble

Be True

Be Optimistic

Be Real

Be Fearless

Be Honest

Be Open

Live Long

Live Strong

Live On

Be You

Be all you can Be

That’s life

That’s Love

That’s You

Thats Me

I would love feed back!  What were you writing 15 years ago?  Any saved articles, poems, songs, blogs to share?  I would love to read!

#DiveIn & Keep Smiling

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