Liquid Angel (Red Wine)

A night with JLohr
A night with JLohr

Walking to my car 4:00am mountain time.  The morning dark, streets empty, still, bitter cold and windy.  I constantly look over my shoulder flustered, hung over!  Thoughts of being kidnapped, raped, beaten, roams my mind.  My car is 500 feet away.  In the car, I reminisce.

We’re both on vigorous marketing, blogging, single parent hours but tonight we found time to relax and catch up.  I love this guy!  But, dating is not an option.   Instead we laugh, drink, reminisce and tell all.  The night great, filled with awesome! 2 friends chit chatting about projects, life.  We’re drinking beer, wine, eating chicken fettucini alfredo, while going through pictures of his beautiful Alaska getaway.  My appetite now intrigued for a taste of Alaska.  It’s beautiful! The glaciers, city and bar sights.

After climaxing in conversation and laughs.  We hit our tired peak!  I wondered: “Did I actually drink 1/2 a bottle of JLohr red wine?” Normally I’m a slow paced granny drinker, but whenever he’s around.  I pound it like a marathon runner! Stride after stride, sip after sip until the finish line, an empty bottle.

As we lay in the bed, I feel the itch to cuddle.  I fight the urge, bite my tongue. Unfortunately “liquid angel,” red wine says: “I want to cuddle.” He replies, ” This side feels good right now, but in the middle of the night, I may roll over.  You can cuddle me if you’d like.”  I state, “A man is suppose to initiate the cuddle.  I dont want to seem over agressive.  This is why I shouldnt drink.”  He replies “What?”  I said, “I shouldnt drink!  It’s easier to detach emotions.”  In that moment I fell into a cement sleep state. My body sunk into the bed like a ton of bricks!  At about 3:45am my alram goes off! My head spinning, I gather my things, head for the door.

It was short, sweet, awesome, fun! I appreciate every, smile, laugh, touch and drink.  The moments we share, invigorating, filled with passion.  That’s what friends are for.

Stay Tuned~Dive In

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