Let it Snow, Park City

Park City Snowy Days
Park City Snowy Days

This year, I’m  captivated, intrigued by white,  fluffy, flurries in Park City, Utah! Let it snow!  Calling all snow flakes!  Report on deck!   Snow doesn’t stick  nor is it heavy this time of the year.  Never in a million years did I think, winter, snow, gingerbread house building, sledding, tubing, skiing, boarding, anything winter would fascinate or excite me.  I’m a Jamaican,  tropical island, humming-bird kind of girl!  I love humidity, the beach, soft sand between my toes, sipping a margarita while watching the pristine blue, green, water waves linger or roll in and out.  However, living in Park City 7+ years  has broadened my view of dry snowy, mountain living.   I’m a tropical whore lover whose grown to appreciate, love, snowy days, dry cold winter nights, mountain views and fire places.   Lets not forget hot coffee, mocha or coco to warm up those extremities!

I now consider myself a “Trointer!”

Trointer: Tropical Island and winter lover!

This season I will be diving into winters adventures.  I love and respect her!

Dive In

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