Halloween Hijacked

QueenMy intentions for Halloween, stay home and work! My daughter is fifteen.  Friends and candy, her mission.  Not trick or treat with mom!

Every year in Park City, Utah, a festive parade is thrown on Main Street.  The “Howl-O-Ween Dog” Parade!  The costumes extravagant, over the top, creative & animals participate every year!  “This year’s parade, hosted by Friends of Animals Utah, a nonprofit organization committed to improving homeless animals’ lives by placing them into loving and permanent homes.” Scott Iwasaki, Park Record

The need to get out transpired and I responded!  I recycled my queen costume from last year!  It was never my intention to participate, so that was my only option!   Recycle it was!

I’m circling China Bridge parking facility, for what seemed like an hour to find  parking.  My decision, head back home!  While driving a light bulb goes off!  I’m all dressed up, with nowhere to go!  An adventure had to take place!  I drove down to “Mormons Flat!” Hiked a short distance in my cow-girl boots and flashy queen costume!  It felt invigorating and magnificent!  While everyone was on Main Street taking in the festivities.  Here I  am fully clothed, in costume, hiking a trail!  It was meant to be.  Thoughts about life, love, business, family filled my head as I walked.

The best part was the beautiful mountain scenery!  Smelling the fresh, fall air, watching the clouds hover,  ducks swimming in the pond, the sun setting!  Nothing beats this!  Calming, elegant,  pleasure called nature!  Though I missed what must have been an amazing parade!  The trails of Utah, never fail.   It captures my heart every time!

Dive In~Check out the video below!

Comments & Questions Welcomed 🙂

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